Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Duties and Privileges of Active Members



Section 1. Responsibilities          

A.  New members must submit an application provided by the organization which will be presented to the Executive Board for approval

B.  Members may submit their name for office after one year of membership

C.  Members are expected to pay their annual dues on or before January 31st of each year.

D.  Members have the privilege of voting on issues brought to the general membership by the Executive Board and/or members at the General Membership meetings.

E.   Members shall be expected to support the Polish American Society by attendance at organizational functions and General Membership meetings.

Section 2.   One day membership

A special one (1) day membership can be issued by the Society for a (1) day use of the facilities of the organization.

Section 3.   Dues

Annual dues for all members are payable in advance on or before January 31 of each year. Members who fail to pay their annual dues By February 15th shall forfeit all rights to membership and shall be suspended. If a member is suspended, he/she  must join as a new member

Section 4.   Oath of a New Member

I_____________________, do solemnly pledge myself to abide by, and conform to the rules, regulations, and by-laws of the Polish American Society of St. Petersburg, Florida, so help me God! 

Section 5.   Revocation/Suspension of Membership

Any member whose behavior is unlawful, creates a disturbance, or is morally offensive to other members, may have his/her membership privileges revoked by the Executive Board and upon a motion and a majority of votes at a General Membership meeting.

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