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St Petersburg Polish American Society (PAS) - Sep 15, 2018

1343 Beach Dr S.E. ---- St Petersburg, FL 33701----727-894-9908
For Club Information Thru Nov 4, 2018, Call Gene Poplawski at 972-741-3749 or 972-689-8354

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End Of Summer Club News Letter



 We will reopen The Club Sunday, Nov 4, 2018 for our first Sunday event in the Fall at which time we will dedicate our beautiful Hall in memory of Walter Walsek. All of us will want to be there for this Big occasion. The Nu Soundz under the leadership of Stan Simms will provide the music. More information about the New Season will be forthcoming.



    To prepare the Club Hall and Grounds for our Big Opening Day, we will have our annual Fall Volunteer Cleanup Day on Tuesday morning, Oct 30 starting at 9:30 AM. If that is too early in the day, join us whenever you can. We will work for several hours and then have some subs, chips and beverages. Please contact Don Kohler at 301-639-9045 or reply via email if you are able to join us or if you have any questions.



    Our next Club meeting will be held at 6:30 PM on Wed, Oct 31. We will be discussing and making plans for the 2018/2019 Season. Please join us if you are able.




    After a successful 2017/ 2018 year at The Club we wanted to send out a newsletter to catch up on a few people and things. We have received calls and correspondence from quite a few of our Members and Friends of The Club. We thought we would pass some of these on to all of you associated with The Club. They are in no particular order and please excuse us if we got some dates or other information wrong.



    Gene Poplawski, our Club President, had back surgery in St Petersburg before returning to Vermont for the summer. His wife, Barbara, suffered a stroke in early June and is recovering along with Gene in Vermont at their summer home.

    Ken Cichowski, our Club Treasurer, along with his son, John, need our prayers and support as John has been dealing with his illness for sometime.

    Edie Blaire, Leader of The Florida Honky Polka Band and drummer for some of other Bands developed blood clots and is now on blood thinner.

    Norma Shiero, a long time member of The Club, fell during the night in her bathroom and injured her head quite badly requiring her to be in and out of the hospital several times. Her daughter Cindy informed us of Norma's accident in June.

    Mary Ann Wilcox lost her son, Joe, this past Spring after a prolonged illness.

    Frank Ott, a long time member, is confined to a home in Clearwater. Randy and some other Club members get to spend some time with Frank whenever possible.



    Felix Jaworski celebrated his 94th Birthday August 10. Felix is still attending dances on a regular basis and doing his share of dancing.

    Walter Ruginski celebrated his 95th birthday on June 25th or thereabouts.

    Wanda Kuzmetskus, a long time member of The Club who now lives in Massachusettes, celebrated her 95th birthday this summer.

    Jane Brejer celebrated her 75th Birthday in July.

    We are sure we left out some birthdays such as Don Kohlers 82nd on June 27.



    We are always looking for Club Attendees to join The Club as membership fees are an important part of our annual Club Income. Seventeen new members joined The Club during the past year. Thank you! Thank you! We received a total of $2,925 from memberships for the past year. Thanks to Edith Manthe for handling our Membership activities.



    Booster Club donations have become a more and more important part of our Club's annual income. During this past year 13 Club members and friends recognized this and contributed to the Century Club which is $100 or more. Our number of Silver Club ($50), Super Boosters ($25) and Boosters ($10) also increased. We received a total of $2,730 from the Booster Club for the year. Thanks to Polka Pat Caldwell for heading up our Booster Donation campaign!



    As most of you are aware, The Club developed a model of operation several years ago which allowed us to reduce our Club expenses to meet our Club income. That included closing down our Hall from May through October since we did not have enough people attending Club events to pay the costs involved during that period of time. Nevertheless, we require a core group of local St Petersburg individuals to keep an eye on our Hall and provide maintenance when needed. We are greatly indebted to those individuals mentioned in the following paragraph namely, Ken Cichowski, Gloria Smolick and Monika Smolarcyzk for providing this support while many of the rest of us are enjoying the summer elsewhere. Please thank them when you see them after our Club opening on Nov 4, 2018.




    We turned off our Club services after out last April dance for the summer such as the telephone, TV, etc. They will be restored in Oct before the New Season begins. If you or anyone needs access to The Club during this period of time, please contact Ken Cichowski at 727- 742-7419, Gloria Smolick at 727- 463-5845, or Monika Smolarcyzk at 727- 433-0587. Gene Poplawski, our Club President, can be contacted at 972-741-3749 or 972-689-8354




    As you all know we are dependent on Volunteers to do most of the work for our Club if we want to continue to function. We just do not have the annual income to do otherwise. Thank goodness we have been able to operate in this manner thus far. Nevertheless, we must have more volunteers to contribute. Some of our volunteers are only in St Petersburg for a month or two, but during their stay they contribute immensely. Every bit helps. Take the effort that Elaine Mekruit and her sister, Carol Nash, provide every year. Elaine, who comes down from Cleveland to visit her sister every Spring is normally only in St Petersburg a couple of weeks, however, she and Carol have cooked two Sunday dinners for us on two successive Sundays for the last several years. We need more Elaines and Carols as Alice Kohler and Gloria Smolick cooked most of the Sunday dinners during the rest of the past season. PLEASE CALL ALICE AT 301-639-8553 IF YOU CAN COOK A SUNDAY DINNER OR AT LEAST HELP OUT IN THE KITCHEN FOR A DINNER. Thank You So Much!




    We are happy to report that Brad Turk, a member of our Club and leader of The Northern Sounds, has just been named as a Director of IPA for The State of Florida. That is great news as IPA has far reaching influence and contacts in The Polka World. Congratulations, Brad!


      "Thirsty Thursdays! - 5:30 - 9 PM - Will Resume When We Get a Cook!"

 "Call Gene Poplawski at 972-689-8354 or 972-741-3749 if you are available to cook for

                                                             Thirsty Thursdays"

     Neighbors from the Old Southeast Community as well as Club Members enjoyed the evenings this past season at The Club with food prepared and served by Barbara Poplawski, Kurt Wright, Roger Teleschow & Frances Gatz at various times. Chuck Majewski handled The Bar.




    Tea Dances and Dance instructions will be held on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the months January through March, 2019 at The Polish American Society. Please encourage your friends to join us for these events. Please call Betty Braverman at 727-895-4167 for more information.


                                            "WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE" 


    Please visit to get up to date Club information. Our beautiful new website is maintained by our Website Master, Mark Opyd, who is a Computer Specialist. If you have a computer problem, please contact him at 813-925-8121 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any help.


                   Following Is Our Band Schedule For 2018/2019


             Sunday  Live Dance Band  Schedule – Fall – 2018

Nov    4 -  Nu Soundz                            Dec  2 -  Sounds of The South

Nov  18 – Florida Generations              Dec 16 – Nu Soundz                  


       Sunday Live Dance Band  Schedule – Winter/Spring – 2019

Jan    6 –  Jasiu's Polka All Stars         Mar 10 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars

Jan  13 –  Northern Sounds                 Mar 17 – Nu Soundz

Jan  20 -   Sounds of The South          Mar 24 – Northern Sounds

Jan  27 – Northern Sounds                  Mar 31 - Sounds of The South

Feb    3 – Sounds of The South           Apr    7 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars

Feb  10 – FL Honky Polka Band          Apr  14 - Nu Soundz

Feb  17 – Nu Soundz                           Apr  21 - Easter ( Closed)

Feb  24 – Jasiu's Polka All Stars          Apr 22 – Dyngus Day - Nu Soundz

Mar    3 – FL Honky Polka Band           Apr 28 – FL Honky Polka Band


    Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or our cell phone, 301-639-9045. Please make us aware of any errors. Thank you!



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